There's code behind your company

Everyone knows that startup became a new market buzzword. New internet entrepreneurs are emerging and billions and billions dollars are turning around between them. The new reality is 'Many developers want to be the new Mark Zuckerberg.

I know this could be good for us, but development teams shouldn't kick some essential dev practices and deliver a non-reliable software just to have a quick launched app. They don't know how bad it could be for the future of their business.

Last week, I was in this situation: a customer requested us a new high-priority feature and what we supposed to do? Just said not now. Obviously your customer will not be so happy with it at first time, because he wants the feature as soon as possible. But, why I said this? Many people simply don't know how to say NO. Of course you don't have to be rude, but your customers should know what a new feature means and the steps we have to make to deliver him a high-quality product, even cause he'll give us a fast feedback for what we are continuously delivering.

In other words, developers should worry about the code and the business value they deliver, furthermore they should know that it could lead their company to ruin, also. Remember that time when every single programmer should only convert documents in code? It's over! Devops should know the value they deliver to their customers, too. Customer development with agile engineer practices are an awesome pair to prove it.

We, as software engineers, must remember that every new feature we do, we have to make some engineers practices like automated tests to guarantee that our code was tested and it's everything ok with the rest of your application, and after just deploy in production deliver business value to your customer.