Solving Ubuntu and Wireless problem on Dell Vostro 1310

Today I was trying to rise up my old (but gold) 2009 Dell Vostro 1310. It was my first laptop and I don't want to put it on a trash bin. After installing Ubuntu 14.04, I've faced a problem with the Wireless Broadcom driver, so this is the way I fixed:

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Extracting data from websites with Ruby and Nokogiri

Maybe you, in some day, have faced this problem: you're wanting to show some data in your application and there's no webservice or any other way to get it. So, you know that the information you want is available in some websites and you ask yourself: how can I get this?

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Contributing to open source: Buzz Audio Library

One of the best ways to learn a new language or new approaches to solve daily problems is to see how other people deals with it. When I started to code Vitrola's HTML Player, I've had a hard work to find out a good JS library to handle the HTML5's audio tag, but after some hours of searching I've found the fantastic Buzz Audio Library.

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Multiple parameters searching with Rails

When you're working with web applications and, in most cases, with the MVC architectural pattern, it's very common to see controllers with more logic that it deserves. This problem, called "fat controllers", can make your code hard to maintain and increase the repetition of it in your application.

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There's code behind your company

Everyone knows that startup became a new market buzzword. New internet entrepreneurs are emerging and billions and billions dollars are turning around between them. The new reality is 'Many developers want to be the new Mark Zuckerberg.

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